Dutch Auction to Global Logistics – Lessons from
Amsterdam’s Flower Trade

Procurehere News   •   April 12, 2020


When we think of the Netherlands, the chances are we think of tulips. The truth is the Dutch are synonymous with images of vibrant tulip fields blossoming beneath majestic windmills. But it’s more than just a picture postcard.

For centuries the Dutch capital of Amsterdam has been home to one of the world’s busiest flower auctions. Forget the floating tourist trap by the waters of an Amsterdam canal, we’re talking something much bigger. The Aalsmeer flower auction on the outskirts of the city is a vibrant trading hub that sees literally millions of flowers traded daily. The story of this blossoming flower trade not only affords us the chance for an eye-watering bout of floral puns, it offers a fascinating study on global procurement and logistics.

More than 5 billion flowers are traded at Netherlands’ Aalsmeer flower auction each year