Increase Compliance and cost savings
by automating creation, execution and
management of Contracts

Procurehere Contract Management Solution streamlines and automates contract processes by eliminating inefficiency and disconnection from a procurement process. Contract Management covers Authoring, Reviewing and Approving of contracts, strengthening compliance and improving efficiency in the process.

Strengthen Compliance

Gain full visibility on audit trial with automated tracking and controlled processes.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate shipping expenses and time required for signage on paper contracts with the usage of e-signature.

Risk Reduction

Create template based contracts which have a robust workflow, different permission levels and risk analytics.

Contract Repository

The contract repository is the central database for all your contract information. It gives you a complete overview of all your contracts within the organization.

  • File your contracts with their terms and other relevant data.
  • Upload your contracts as a file or create into system.
  • Send your contract for approval, review, signature and email them through system.
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of your contracts including all amendments and changes.

Contract Tracking

Contract tracking means keeping track of activities and deadlines. Procurehere provides you with powerful possibilities to stay on top of your contract related events.

  • Over view the active contract
  • Upcoming activities and notifications.
  • Insights into your contract portfolio.
  • Latest contract additions

Contract Activities

Check the history of your contract.

  • Review the comments
  • Check the approval route
  • See the signature status

Procurehere’s contract management
key features

We make it easier for you, so you can make it easier to deliver substantial procurement savings.


Simple steps for contract creation and authoring


Manage all contracts on one platform


Cloud-based solution for secure, flexible access


Simple review and approval through our mobile app