Procurehere’s simplified E-Procurement system
offers an array of power tools which helps
in unlocking real value for your business.

Our latest Version 7.0 is a cloud based Software as a Service (SAAS) solution
which delivers secure, accessible and affordable E-Procurement solution
that can be operationalized anywhere, in just 3 days.

How does it work?

  • Sign up
    Sign up with our user-friendly cloud-based platform.

  • Enter details
    Set up an event by entering the required details.

  • Assign team & approval route
    Select team members for your event and appoint approval routes for events. Digital approvals can be done on the go via the Procurehere Mobile App.

  • Invite suppliers
    Invite key suppliers to participate in your event, or select suppliers from our global supplier list.

  • Documentation
    Upload supporting documents and questionnaires for suppliers and/or your team.

  • Communicate
    Schedule meetings with suppliers or talk to them via our inbuilt messaging platform

  • Review
    Review, compare and evaluate submissions.